Teaching and Learning

  • Will families be given the option to keep their child home instead of receiving in-person instruction and will full virtual options be made available to those families?

    • In the event where in-person instruction is not feasible for your child, we would like to offer your child the opportunity of enrolling in our RCSD 100% Online Learning Platform. Please contact your child’s school as soon as possible if you require this instructional model.

     How will students, staff, and community members view a schools master schedule and a child’s individual school schedule?

    • School Schedules and times will be sent with the school’s summer mailing.

     What will a school schedule look like both for a hybrid model vs. virtual, will they be modified?

    • When students are in person they will receive a typical day’s instruction inclusive of special subjects and multi-tiered system of supports. 
    • Distance learning (virtual) K-6 will be developmentally appropriate for the students’ age and includes both synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities. Synchronous time will be focused on direct instruction in English Language Arts, mathematics and social emotional development. Asynchronous time will included science, social studies and specials.
    • Distance Learning (virtual) 7-12 students will follow their typical schedule. Class period time will be adjusted to allow for screen breaks and will consist of synchronous and asynchronous learning.