Health and Safety

  • What are the procedures for daily check-in and health screenings (temperature checks) for students and staff entering a building?

    • Take student/staff temperatures everyday upon arrival to school. Parents/guardians will also be advised on symptom screening, including temperature taking, prior to students coming to school every day.
    • Staff should complete the daily COVID Assessment and take their temperatures before they leave for work.

    Will students and staff be routinely and/or randomly tested for COVID-19?

    • No

    If a student/staff member tests positive for the virus, will all others in that class be required to quarantine for 14 days?

    • It is dependent on how close the contact has been between student/staff member or students. Close contact is defined as being less than 6 feet from someone for a prolonged period of time without a mask on.  Contract tracing would be conducted by Monroe County.  The District does not have the authority to order a person to quarantine or isolate. Monroe County Department of Health makes these determinations. 

    What procedures will be in place for high-risk and/or immunocompromised staff or students who feel uncomfortable returning to an in-person setting and how will they be kept safe?

    • Students and staff members who are at an increased risk for severe COVID-19 illness and who simply do not feel comfortable returning to an in-person educational environment, should consult with their healthcare provider regarding prevention measures.

    What happens if a student and/or staff member does not come to school with a mask or does not adhere to social distancing guidelines?

    • The District is providing two cloth masks to each employee.
    • The District has extra masks for students that do not have a mask. Masks will be on available on buses. 

    How will mask wearing be enforced at school and will the school provide masks to students?

    • Mask wear will be required whenever six feet of social distance cannot be maintained. 
    • Mask wear will be required in all shared spaces (e.g., hallways, buses, bathrooms.
    • Mask wear will be expected at all times expect for when mask breaks are given.

    How will bathroom use be conducted inside a school building?

    • Any time students and/or staff are less than six feet apart from another person OR in a public space (e.g., hallways, buses, bathrooms), they must wear an acceptable face covering that covers both the mouth and nose.

    How will handwashing and general hygiene be practiced and reinforced with students and staff? 

    • Handwashing supplies will be provided in all bathrooms.
    • The District will provide hand hygiene stations and encourage regular hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not readily available, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol will be provided.
    • The District will also provide age appropriate information on respiratory hygiene and preventing the spread of germs.

    What are the procedures if a student or staff member tests positive and/or is exposed to someone with a positive test for COVID-19 and how will contact tracing be conducted?

    • If a staff member, student or visitor tests positive for COVID-19, the District will immediately notify state and local health departments and cooperate with contact tracing efforts.
    • The District will assist the Monroe County Department of Health in all tracing efforts by suppling student and staff attendance and location information, student schedules, and visitor logs.

    How will social distancing guidelines be maintained not only in class but in common spaces like hallways, main office, bathrooms, gymnasiums, cafeteria, athletic fields, etc.?

    • Social distancing, six feet of space in all directions between individuals (students and staff) will be maintained at all times, unless safety or core activity requires a shorter distance, or the individuals are of the same household.