Technology and Connectivity

  • For Rochester City School District students to lead productive and successful lives upon graduation, they must understand and know how to use digital technologies. At the Rochester City School District, we are focused on meeting these demands and on implementing technology-rich educational opportunities to keep our students engaged and to prepare them with advanced 21st century skill sets.

    Sufficient access to computing devices and high-speed internet is essential for educational equity.  As the RCSD plans for reopening, technology and connectivity remains an essential area of focus for the District’s Information Management and Technology Division.

    Regardless of whether an in-person, remote, or hybrid model is utilized, RCSD will provide students and teachers, for use in their places of residence, classroom or workplace, access to the following assurances:

    • RCSD will provide the following devices, for their exclusive use, to students and teachers who currently do not have computing devices:
    • A laptop for teachers 
    • A Chromebook for K-12 RCSD students
    • RCSD will assure that every teacher and every PreK-12 student who lacks reliable connectivity has the opportunity to access high-speed broadband in their classroom, workplace or residence
    • For RCSD K-12 families that lack consistent and reliable internet access, a hotspot will be made available through a partnership with the 1Million Project. This hotspot will provide consistent, reliable access to high-speed internet for students to fully participate in remote/online learning with 10gb of internet access per month at 4G speeds.
    • For teachers with limited home internet, the internet can be accessed from any District-owned building while maintaining social distancing at locations close to the buildings while remaining in a vehicle.
    • RCSD will provide multiple ways for students to participate in learning through remote and/or blended models.  IM&T will support both synchronous and asynchronous learning for students, families, and staff as well as provide support to the Teaching and Learning division in their efforts. The website RCSD Learns Management System will continue as a resource hub. 
    • The District has designated different learning platforms depending on grade level and need, ranging from Seesaw at K-2, Google Classroom at 3-12, and the option of using a full-fledged Learning Management System (Agilix Buzz) where most appropriate including Virtual AP, Online Credit Recovery and other blended programs. See RCSD Learning Delivery Platforms Table included below.
    • IM&T will continue to support the use of video conferencing tools, such as Zoom, Teams and those offered by the GSuite.

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