Communication/Family and Community Engagement

  • What information and what form of communication (i.e. district response) will be used if schools are to close or existing learning models become modified (in-person or hybrid) because of rising COVID-19 infection rates in Monroe County?  What does the infection rate have to be if schools have to close?  Will contingency plans be shared with the community in advance of in-person learning being discontinued?

    • If daily infection rates exceed 9% over a seven-day average, schools in that region would not reopen. Similarly, should a region (Finger Lakes) see such an average after reopening, schools in that region would also be directed to close.

    Will a District support hotline continue to be offered to field questions from students, staff, and parents in the community?

    • The RCSD Support Hotline (262-8700) will continue to operate during the school year in order to answer pertinent questions and provide the most current information to the community.

    Will the RCSD require families to update the contact information, including phone numbers and e-mail addresses, of custodial parents and emergency contacts to ensure timely communication between school and home?

    • Each school principal sent a letter to families the week of August 3rd to make sure contact information is current as the District will be communicating important updates via these channels.