• Buses will not be equipped with hand sanitizer. Staff are prohibited from carrying personal alcohol-based sanitizer due to existing regulations on flammable chemicals allowed on a school bus.


    • Staff will be provided with gloves that will be used whenever direct physical contact is necessary.
    • Staff will perform hand hygiene before routes and as soon as possible after routes are completed.


    • Students will perform hand hygiene upon arrival to school.



    • Buses will be equipped with disinfectant.
    • Buses will be cleaned/disinfected in between each route and at the end of the day.
    • Shared spaces, tools, and/or equipment will be disinfected between each use.
    • Directors, or their appointees, will inspect and record supply inventory daily on the Daily Checklist for Supplies.


    • When temperatures are above 45 degrees and weather conditions permit, school bus windows and roof hatches will be opened slightly to provide for increased air flow.