•  Staff

    • Six feet of social distance will be maintained unless it is necessary to be closer to another individual to complete the task being performed. Face coverings will be worn whenever six feet of social distance cannot be maintained.
    • There will be no gatherings in the break room.
    • When employees use the breakroom, they will wear face coverings unless eating. If eating, employees will be distanced six feet apart in all directions.
    • No shared meals or solicitations from outside services will be allowed.
    • Floor markings will be placed at the time clock and other locations as necessary to encourage social distancing.
    • Barriers will be used as necessary. Specific needs will change as on-site staff numbers change and will be evaluated by Environmental Health & Safety Department.


    • The number of passengers on the bus will be limited.
    • Students will wear face covers at all times while on the bus.
    • Students will sit one student per seat unless from the same household.
    • Wheelchair school buses will configure placement to ensure social distancing of six feet.
    • On the way to school, students will be loaded from back to front and unloaded front to back.
    • On the way home from school, students will be loaded so that students that get off first are in the
      front of bus.
    • Students will maintain social distance when entering and exiting the bus.
    • Drivers will encourage social distancing of students at bus stop loading areas.