Protective Equipment

    • Face covers will be available on the buses for all students and staff that require a face cover and do not have one.
    • Other protective equipment (e.g. gloves, face shields or goggles) will be provided as necessary.


    • Staff will always wear a face covering while on a school bus or other student transportation vehicle.
    • Staff may wear a face shield or safety goggles while on a bus if they do not impair the driver’s vision.
    • Staff that come into direct physical contact with students will wear disposable gloves.
    • Staff will wear a face covering in all common areas and whenever six feet of distance cannot be maintained.


    • Students will always wear a face covering while on a bus unless the student is incapable of wearing a face covering because it would impair their physical health or mental health.
      • Students that cannot wear a face covering be will be seated so that there is six feet social distance in all directions.