• Safety first.  We will go over safety procedures in each class separately.
    • BE ON TIME.  Bring a note if you are late for school.
    • Respect yourself enough to produce quality work.
    • Be prepared for class every day.
    • Be engaged in class.  Participate as much as possible!
    • Use your agendas/planners (RBHS policy is No Planner No Pass) if applicable.
    • At the beginning of each period a “DO NOW” or journal entry assignment will be posted.  Do it then!
    • Stay on top of your assignments.
    1. Binders will be due every 2-3 weeks. Progress reports will be given after binders are graded.
    2. Scholars will have one week to make up any missing work from that binder period or they will result into zero.
    3. Missed test or quiz must be made up within a week of your absence, or it will result in a zero.
    4. Extra credit will be given to scholars who have progress reports signed by parent and returned.
    5. All binders, journals & lab folders will be kept in class for grading.