Sixth Grade Supply List 2019-2020


School No. 46 Grade 6 Supply List



Dear Sixth Graders,

Below is a list of supplies that you will need for a successful start to the 2019 school year:


Supplies include:

____one box of facial tissues for classroom use

____ highlighter (yellow preferred)

____colored pencils

____(1) 4 pack of Dry erase markers (Expo work best)

____8 ½ X 11 (or comparable) dry erase board (available at dollar tree)

____headphones or ear buds- 2 sets recommended (required EVERYDAY)

____(2) 1 ½ in. Binders (one for math and one for ELA)

____(2) Composition notebooks

____ tape ( any type-masking, scotch or packaging)

____ baby wipes

Grade 6 Supply List 2019-2020.pdf, 236.86 KB; (Last Modified on July 9, 2019)