• The purpose of the School Based Planning Team [SBPT], which is chaired by the Principal, is to have administrators, teachers, staff, and parents work collaboratively to ensure academic excellence. 
    • Each year, the school works to accomplish various goals set by the SBPT; these goals are aligned with our School Comprehensive Education Plan [SCEP].
    • Parent elections for open SBPT positions take place in September.
    • Parents do not have to be a SBPT member to be on any of our Sub-Committees. Interested?
      Reach out to Principal Dr. Gina DiTullio for more information. SBPT Sub-Committees: 
      -- Learning Environment-- Standards & Assessment -- Parent & Community Involvement -- High Performance 
    SBPT Members Name Constituency Representing
    Aleida Garcia Bente
    Cari Mezzoprete Teacher 
    Lindsay Robach Teacher
    Terra Toole Teacher
    Bridgett Weeks Teacher
    Colleen Widrick Teacher
    Dr. Gina DiTullio Principal
    Bonnie Ellis  Assistant Principal
    Nahmese Bacot Parent