• Ms. Robach   First GradeRoom 106 - Phone Ext. 1060

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    Ms. Robach has been a teacher since 2008. She teaches first grade at School #46 . Her favorite part of being a teacher is that she likes knowing at the end of the lesson that her students understand what they just learned.

    Ms. Robach was born and still lives in Rochester, New York, with her husband Patrick and very cute dog Sadie.

    Ms. Robach enjoys a lot of things like reading, shopping, and being outside. She also likes walk her dog Sadie and hanging out with her friends. Ms. Robach loves to cook, play kickball, and softball.

    Below are some other things I found out about Ms. Robach when interviewing her:
    Favorite Colors: Lime Green
    Favorite Snack: Popcorn
    Favorite Season: Autumn
    Favorite Place to go: Any Beach
    Favorite Sport: Basketball
    Favorite Book: You Don't Eat Your Classmates
    Biography written by: Jamalis – Grade 6