• At Charles Carroll School No. 46 we work hard to encourage parents, extended family, and community members to visit our school and see our staff and students in action. A safe and secure school environment is essential to learning. At School No. 46 a number of measures are in place to ensure the safety of our students and staff each and every day. Students moving through the building who are not accompanied by an adult must carry a teacher provided pass. Arrival/Dismissal support is provided by support staff posted around the building to assist students and visitors. Please take time to read the Visitation Guidelines listed below. 

    For safety reasons, only the Visitor’s Entrance [door nearest Newcastle Road, but located on Dorchester side of building] is accessible during the daytime. Please use the bell; the Main Office staff will buzz you in and ask you to sign in. We ask that visits are scheduled with your child’s teacher.

    School Visitation Guidelines
    Please assist us by following these procedures:
    • As soon as you enter the building go directly to the Main Office. Sign in, state your business and obtain a visitor's pass. Please wear your pass the entire time you are visiting School No. 46. 
    • If you would like to: 
      • eat lunch with your child, check with your child's teacher so you know your child's lunch time. The lunch room is downstairs.
      • visit the classroom during instruction time, please call your child's teacher(s) ahead of time to arrange a mutually convenient time to visit. Visits should be limited to 30 minutes. We request no visitors after 2:30 p.m. (2:10 p.m. on Wednesday) so we may prepare our children for dismissal.
    Be sure to sign in at the main office and the office staff will call your child's classroom to notify the teacher of your visit and confirm that students are not at a Special (Art, Music, Physical Education, or Technology). 
    If you are visiting more than one child's classroom you need to go back to the main office after you leave the first child's classroom so that office staff can call your next child's classroom to notify the teacher of your visit and confirm that students are not at a Special.
      • Upon entering the classroom, please find a comfortable location to observe, without interrupting direct instruction. Teachers are not available to meet with you during instruction time so please leave a written note for the teacher in the office if you would like them to call you to schedule a conference.
    • If you are attending a special event and would like to take your child home prior to dismissal, please stop in to the office first to sign them out. The office staff will call your child's classroom and ask that they be sent to the office because they are going home early.