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    Here are some suggestions for parents to promote language development in children:

    These activities can help teach your child valuable language skills. Excellent opportunities for teaching can occur within your home each day. Most activities will take only 10-15 minutes to complete and will be enjoyable for all family members.

    While you and your child share experiences and talk about them, essential language learning takes place.

    By using activities and language teaching techniques you can give your child practice in such important language skills such as:

    *Learning vocabulary- understanding and learning new words.

    * Formulating questions- to find out information

    * Giving and following instructions

    *Describing and expressing ideas and thoughts about things and activities

    Fun Activities for Language Development:

    *Sorting Pictures - Cut out pictures from magazines and sort them into groups according to likeness.

    *What a Difference - Cut out three or four pictures and discuss how they are alike and different.

    *Go Together - Say a group of words that go together. Ask your child to add another word in the same category. For example, “bed, chair, table, desk…”

    * Read books - Read together. See if your child can predict the ending of the story. Ask questions about the story to see how much they understand and remember. Discuss new words.

    * Keep a journal - Encourage your child to draw pictures of special things that happen. Write a sentence or two to explain the pictures. Staple them into a book to keep and read again.

    Most activities can be turned into a way to develop language. Like everything else, developing strong language skills takes time and practice. Try these activities with your child. Enjoy!