• Ms. LaRussa   Pre-K

    : Portable Room 1 – Phone: 288-8008   Ext. 1501

    Ms. LaRussa, Kindergarten  Ms. LaRussa, Kindergarten
    Miss LaRussa has been teaching since 1995. She has taught at School # 46 for four years. Her favorite part of being a teacher is getting to know the children. She thinks that they are so honest and wise and that they can learn so much.
    Miss LaRussa believes in all her students.

    Miss LaRussa was born in Rochester NY but lives in Brighton NY. She has a daughter and two step children.

    Miss LaRussa enjoys listening to music, running, cooking, hiking, and knitting. She also enjoys traveling to NYC.

    Below are some other things I found out about Miss LaRussa when interviewing her:
    Favorite Colors: Blue, Green, and Gray
    Favorite Snack: Apples
    Favorite Season: Summer
    Favorite Place to be: Home
    Favorite Sport: Running
    Favorite Book: The Four Agreements

    Biography written by: Jamalis – Grade 6