• Mr. Gilbert        Assistant Custodian: Room 121 - Phone: 288-8008      Ext. 1211
    Mr. Gilbert, Assistant Custodian  Mr. Gilbert, Assistant Custodian

    Mr. Gilbert started working as a custodian in 1998. He has been a custodian at School #46 for 15 years. His favorite part of being a custodian is being around the kids. He likes the little kids when he sees them smiling. He says, “It is nice.”

    Mr. Gilbert was born in Waterbury, Connecticut. He lives in Rochester, New York. Mr. Gilbert has a twin and is the youngest out of eight children.

    Mr. Gilbert enjoys playing the guitar and in his free time he enjoys traveling to Maine.

    Below are some other things I found out about Mr. Gilbert when interviewing him:
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite Snack: Chips and Dip
    Favorite Season: Summer
    Favorite place to go: Maine
    Favorite Sport: Football
    Favorite Book: Forest Gump (Funnier than the Movie)

    Biography written by: Dylan – Grade 5