• Fifth Grade Supply List 2019-2020


    School No. 46 Grade 5 Supply List



    Supplies required for both classrooms:

    -3 packages of # 2 pencils for classroom use (at least 10 per pack)

    -2 - 4 boxes of Kleenex for classroom use

    -2 bottles of hand sanitizer for classroom use

    -2 packages of lined notebook paper for classroom use

    -1 pair of headphones – consider buying a few pairs if they are inexpensive – they tend to break or get lost

    -2 packages of cap erasers for classroom use

    -2 boxes colored pencils

    -2 glue sticks (for classroom use)

    -2 packages of dry erase markers for classroom use (Expo brand low odor)

    -5- 2 pocket folders (blue, red, yellow, orange, purple)

    -4 composition notebooks (black and white marble)

    -Please do not label notebooks or folders, we will do that in class

    -2 block erasers for class use


    Additional supplies required for Mr. Hill’s Class (Rm. 204)

    -1- 1 ½” or 2” Binder   




    ***Please do not have students bring in anything that is not on the list, however if you are able to send in extra of the supplies requested (in order to replenish things that we tend to run out of during the year) it would be GREATLY appreciated!!***

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