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Principals Pen October 2014


Welcome to a new school month!

We want to thank all of you for making the transition to our new school site such a successful one!.  Staff and students did not miss a beat.  Classes were up and running on day one.  Thanks to all for supporting the uniform policy; it helps build a strong sense of community among the school.

This month teachers will meet in teams to review the opening data assessments we are just finishing. Our goal this year is to continue to refine our practices to better meet the needs of each and every student. This means we need to look at how each child is doing in both their reading and math.  Grade level teams will meet to review this data and plan enrichment and intervention supports as needed.  We have hired three teachers to work three times a week.  They will push into one grade level at a time so the groups are smaller and targeted to students’ needs. You will receive a letter by the end of the month to share who will be supporting your child/ren. Parent conferences are scheduled for October 14th and teachers will share these results with you.

This year we are also focused on including students and parents in forums to discuss the ways children enjoy learning best.  We anticipate holding two forums this year and will give your further details as the year progresses.  Another goal this year is to have all students involved in monitoring their own learning and setting their own targets to meet and exceed grade level expectations.  I saw this in action in Miss Desso’s primary classroom recently when I was walking through.  Ask children how they are doing in school. Ask them what levels they are on in reading and how many correct responses they have in the math sprints.  They should be able to tell you.

We look forward to another month together.  Feel free to come in anytime to visit and volunteer.  We have volunteer groups starting all the time. Volunteer forms can be found here

Dr. Michele Liguori-Alampi,

School 12 Principal