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Welcome to James P.B. Duffy, School # 12 

June 21, 2016

Personal message from Dr. Liguori-Alampi 

Dear Wonderful School 12 Parents and Community,

When I first walked into School 12 ten years ago I was greeted by some enthusiastic parents who wanted to invigorate the parent group that had always been a vital force within the School 12 community.  And boy, what a great effort we have done together over the many years.  Your accomplishments as a parent group are second to none; always with a focus on how to help the school help the kids and how to bring more parents into an active role in meeting the needs of their children in the school as well.

I wanted to thank you for the decade of support and service to the school.  It has been my pleasure to work with parents who are so decided to their children and to the success of the school. I am very excited that Jennifer Gkourlias will be the new principal.  She comes with years of expertise in many capacities. She started her own girl’s school and worked at CO in designing innovative ideas to improve the RCSD.  I support her fully and know that she is an excellent match for this school community.  I am sure she will bring the school to the next level.  Please take the time to get to know her and share your hopes and dreams for your children.  I know she will call on your ideas and skills to help meet these goals.

Now, on a more personal note, many of you may be aware that I am having some health issues.  This is the focus on the next few months for me.  Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts as I beat this next challenge- not expected as I move into retirement.

I have spent the happinest 10 years of my 32 1/2 years career at School 12. The students, staff, community, and parents are the reasons why.  Thank you so much; I have truly been blessed to enjoy the ride with some great people. Wishing you all well and success in the future.


Dr. Michele Liguori-Alampi


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