• CTE Vocational and Work-Based Learning Opportunities

    Career and Technical Education/Vocational Training:

    • Students work in a class of up to 15:1  with other students with disabilities* grouped by similarity of needs instructed by 1 teacher, 1 teaching assistant.
    • During the 9th grade freshman year, students attend a CTE Exploratory course. In the course students learn about various job skills and begin to discuss soft/hard skills needed for the workplace. They will also explore the five CTE pathways offered to NYSAA students
    • Beginning in their 10th grade year through 12th grade, students will begin a CTE pathway for job training skills. Students will be able to choose from:

    1. Buildings and Grounds: The Building & Grounds Careers Pathway is located in the Edison Greenhouse. Students are responsible for learning how to properly maintain a facility including cleaning, landscaping, general repair and problem-solving skills. Students enrolled will learn the skills necessary to be successful at any job site. This is accomplished by providing multiple learning environments with varying levels of support based on a student’s individual needs. These learning opportunities include a Cleaning Crew, which works in the Edison Tech building. Additionally, we have offsite opportunities at Homesteads for Hope (a not-for-profit farm founded for people with disabilities), the Seneca Park Zoo and Green Visions.

    2. Print Media: In the Print Media Careers Pathway the primary focus is teaching transferrable employability skills through the exploration of the printing and graphics industry. Our in-school work experience is the “Edison Copy Cats”. Students are responsible for supplying paper and staples to the school copy machines twice daily. They participate every other day, sign in and out on time sheets and wear uniforms.

    3. Culinary Skills: The Culinary Careers Pathway is a hands-on learning experience focusing on food preparation and planning. Students participate and practice general employability skill sets; such as appropriate communication, attention to task, mindful engagement, quality of work, endurance and stamina, task completion and independence. Our class is involved in a number of school-wide and community projects, both in and out of the building. 

    4. Construction: Construction Careers Pathway is a program designed to provide NYSAA students with exposure to construction, woodworking and related occupations. Students learn to work with a variety of tools and materials used in the construction industry today. Using project-based learning, students develop skills in carpentry and woodworking, general home repair and building maintenance. Student interest and creativity will determine the detailed path of the course. All projects will mimic an authentic work environment meant to prepare the student for a job upon completion of high school. Safety will be the prevailing theme of all aspects of the program. There are work-based learning opportunities, which offer additional authentic work experiences and summer employment.

    5. Automotive Repair and Maintenance: Students in the Automotive Careers Pathway will explore and develop skill sets related to the automotive industry. Students learn about safety in the shop and the workplace. Using a hands-on learning approach, students master basic automotive skills including repairing and replacing brakes, mounting and balancing tires, oil changes and detailing cars. Based on student strengths and desires, students master at least one of these areas. Students will also learn soft skills to promote success in the workplace.

     Work-Based Learning (18-21 yr. old Transition program)

    • Once students complete their final NYS Alternate Assessment, they transition to the next phase of our program- Work-based learning.
    • Students will work in one of two models during work-based learning:

    1. Enclave model- students go to a work site with their classroom teachers and support staff to work as a collective team.

    2. Job coach model- students go to various worksites to work more independently with the support of our WBL coordinator and job coaches.

    • Some of the Work-Based learning sites that our students currently work at include:
      • Seneca Park Zoo              
      • Peter’s Kitchen         
      • Green Visions
      • Unity Hospital    
      • Rochester City Vehicle Services 
      • Verona Animal Shelter
      • Rochester City Schools

    Project SEARCH (transition to 21 and job placement)

    Project SEARCH is a one year, school to work transition program for students that are ready to transition from school to the workplace with independence.  Project SEARCH combines classroom instruction with meaningful internship experiences to meet the goal of employment for each participant. Students are required to learn travel training to report to their worksite independently and will have part-time transitional job coaching supports. This program is designed for students that are working towards independence in the workplace.