• Transportation


    Requests for Specialized Transportation 
    Accommodations require current medical documentation from a physician that clearly states what your child’s medical condition is and why he or she requires the accommodation. For example, if you request a limited bus run or an air-conditioned bus, the request must include a description of your child’s medical condition and an explanation of why he or she requires that kind of service. Your child’s doctor must provide this documentation on an annual basis during your child’s annual review or mandated three ­year evaluation in order for the accommodation to be approved.

    All recommendations for limited­ time travel, individual transportation paraprofessionals, nurses, and medically related accommodations will be reviewed by a doctor. Based on the review, the doctor will make a recommendation to the IEP Team prior to the IEP Team meeting. The doctor may recommend alterations to the original medical recommendation.

    If the CSE determines that your child requires Specialized Transportation, the type of accommod­ation(s) required must be added to his or her IEP.

    If your child is recommended for special education services, he or she may also be entitled to transportation to and from your home to the school.