• After the Referral Has Been Made

    After the referral has been made, within 10 school days, the school will either:

    • Initiate the referral process by sending you a Prior Written Notice (PWN) with consent to evaluate; or
    • Provide you with a copy of the request for referral, inform you that you may refer your child yourself, offer you an opportunity to discuss the request for referral and discuss the availability of appropriate general education support services for your child. The Notice of Request for Initial Referral, which details the process, will be sent to you. 

    What's next? After an initial referral has been made

    • Once a request for referral for Initial Evaluation has been made and it meets the requirements of a referral, you will be sent a Prior Written Notice with consent to evaluate, which:
    • Explains your rights as a parent;
    • Describes the evaluations requested;
    • Provides the name and telephone number of a person to call if you have any questions; and
    • Asks for you to meet with the school social worker at a "social history interview." During that meeting, all of your rights will be explained to you in your preferred language or mode of communication, with the help of a translator/ interpreter, if necessary.

    If your child has never received special education services, you will be asked to sign a Consent for Initial Evaluation form. Even if you made the written referral yourself, you must still consent to the evaluations in order for the process to begin. If you choose not to sign consent, and if it is an initial referral, your child will not be evaluated. Please be aware that the CSE Office or school principal may request Mediation or an Impartial Hearing in order to obtain authority to conduct an initial evaluation.