Related Services and Therapies

  • Related services are defined as developmental, corrective, and other supportive services as are required to assist a student with a disability and includes speech-language pathology, audiology services, interpreting services, psychological services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, counseling services, including rehabilitation counseling services, orientation and mobility services, medical services as defined in this section, parent counseling and training, school health services, school nurse services, school social work, assistive technology services, appropriate access to recreation, including therapeutic recreation, other appropriate developmental or corrective support services, and other appropriate support services and includes the early identification and assessment of disabling conditions in students.

Common Related Services

  • Speech-Language Therapy – Assists students with speech and language disorders to become more successful in school. Students requiring speech-language therapy may have difficulty producing speech sounds correctly or fluently (stuttering) or have problems with his or her voice.  Students may also have difficulty understanding and using spoken language, including sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings.

    Physical Therapy – Assists students with maintaining, improving, or restoring gross motor development and functioning. This includes ambulation, balance and coordination in various settings, such as the classroom, gym, playground, staircase and transitions between classes.

    Occupational Therapy – Uses activities to maintain, improve or restore adaptive and functional skills, including fine motor skills in all educational activities.

    Counseling - Assists students with improving social and emotional functioning. This may include appropriate school behavior, discipline, self-control, and conflict resolution.  Counseling may be recommended if your child is experiencing difficulty interacting appropriately with adults or peers, withdrawal or acting out, low self-esteem or poor coping skills that significantly interfere with learning.

    Assistive Technology - Learn more about how Assistive Technology supports students' ability to access their instructional program and interact with their peers. Read more >