• What does it mean for a student with a disability to be eligble for New York State Alternative Assessment (NYSAA)?

    NYSAA is part of the New York State (NYS) testing program that measures attainment of the State’s learning standards for students with the most severe disabilities in grades 3-8 and high school in the areas of English language arts and mathematics, as well as science once in each grade span (i.e., 3-5, 6-9, 10-12).

    What determines eligibilty for NYSAA?

    Only students with severe cognitive disabilities are eligible for the NYSAA. The CSE must determine annually whether a student with a severe cognitive disability is eligible to take the NYSAA based on the following criteria:

    • the student has a severe cognitive disability and significant deficits in communication/language and significant deficits in adaptive behavior; AND

    • the student requires a highly specialized educational program that facilitates the acquisition, application, and transfer of skills across natural environments (home, school, community, and/or workplace); AND

    • the student requires educational support systems, such as assistive technology, personal care services, health/medical services, or behavioral intervention.

    What curriculum should my child be following while learning from home if their IEP states they are NYSAA eligible?

    If your child is NYSAA eligible, they are instructed and assessed against alternate achievement standards that are at a reduced level of depth, breadth, and complexity. Your child learns using a Unique Learning Program. To the left of this page you will find suggested schedules and activities for learning at home.