• Meet our Extended School Year Principals for 2023!

    Megan Bonacci                                                                        Adam Rodger

    Megan Bonacci                                                                Adam Rodger

    ESY Principal of the Secondary Program                                         ESY Principal of the Elementary Program  
    Located at Edison High School                                                         Located at John Williams School No. 5
    megan.bonacci@rcsdk12.org                                                           adam.rodger@rcsdk12.org 


    Extended School Year program for summer 2023

    Dear RCSD Parents and Guardians,  

    The Extended School Year (ESY) program for the Rochester City School District dates for the summer of 2023 will be July 10- August 18, 2023. Twelve-month special service and/or program, also referred to as Extended School Year (ESY) programs, are appropriate for some preschool or school-age students with disabilities who require a structured learning environment to prevent substantial regression.  To be eligible for Extended School Year (ESY) program the committee on special education (CSE) or committee on preschool special education (CPSE) is responsible for determining a student’s eligibility for an ESY program and to recommend the appropriate July and August special education program and/or related services needed to prevent substantial regression.

    Who is eligible for an extended school year (ESY) program?

    The CSE/CPSE must determine annually on an individual basis if a student requires an ESY program (sometimes also referred to as 2-month, 12-month, or July and August programs). A child's entitlement to ESY programs as part of a free appropriate public education (FAPE) continues to apply even if public schools do not provide other educational services during summer school breaks. It is important to remember that CSE/CPSE determinations regarding ESY programs are prospective and not intended to make up for past denials of FAPE.

    In accordance with sections 200.6(k)(1) and 200.16(i)(3)(v) of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, students must be considered for ESY programs to prevent substantial regression if they are students: • whose management needs are determined to be highly intensive and require a high degree of individualized attention and intervention and who are placed in special classes;

    • with severe multiple disabilities, whose programs consist primarily of habilitation and treatment and are placed in special classes;

    • who are recommended for home and/or hospital instruction whose special education needs are determined to be highly intensive and require a high degree of individualized attention and intervention or who have severe multiple disabilities and require primarily habilitation and treatment;

    • whose needs are so severe that they can be met only in a seven-day residential program; or

    • who are receiving other special education services and who, because of their disabilities, exhibit the need for a 12-month special service and/or program provided in a structured learning environment of up to 12-months’ duration in order to prevent substantial regression.

    If you have any questions regarding ESY this summer, please contact our ESY principals above through their email link or call the Special Education Hotline at 262-8220. Additional information and supports regarding ESY can also be found on the Department of Special Education website https://www.rcsdk12.org/specialeducation.