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  • GEM Exploratory Week of 3/23

    Posted by Joanna Rowe on 3/23/2020

    GEM Exploratory Weekly Activities Week 1

    -For Ms. Spogen and Ms. Cerio's classes.

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  • GEM Calendar Time for Exploratory Classrooms

    Posted by Joanna Rowe on 3/23/2020

    Calendar Time is an important Part of our Morning Routine!

    Good Morning Song

    • Good morning song, have students make eye contact, vocalize or move their body to greet you.

    The 7 Days of the Week Song

    • Day of the week song. Let children know what day of the week it is.

    How's the Weather?

    • You can tell them what the weather is and show them what it looks like outside.
    • I found these cool sensory bottles you can use to have them match what it looks like outside to a sensory bottle Sensory Bottles
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  • GEM Expanding and Readiness Supplemental Resources

    Posted by Joanna Rowe on 3/23/2020

    Academic and Supplemental Websites:


    Seussville - Dr. Seuss themed literacy games


    StorylineOnline - Free children’s books read aloud with audio/video enhancement


    ABCya - Practice math and reading skills with games


    Switcheroo Zoo - Watch, listen, and play games with animals


    Art Museum Coloring Books  - 113 Art Museum Coloring Books available to download


    Virtual Field Trips for Kids - over 30 virtual field trips!


    Virtual Museum Tours - 12 museums around the world 


    Mr. Calvin’s Art Room - Video art lessons


    Any Jack Hartman songs on (ABC’s sign language)


    The Singing Walrus on (Good morning song & Days of the week song)


    Patty Shukla (Any song to work on listening and identifying body parts)


    Everyone loves this song about letters! Song name: ABC Rock!


    Sensory Ideas:

    Shaving Cream (put in ziplock bag and students can trace numbers and letters)

    Play Doh


    Water beads (you can find on amazon)


    Simon Says



    Numbers (coutning objects in the house or any type of manipulatives)



    Any songs on youtube about these topic…the students love to find “shapes around the classroom” at home you can find shapes and colors

    We sort items by size & colors into different categories

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  • GEM Expanding & Readiness Weekly Resources

    Posted by Joanna Rowe on 3/23/2020

    ELA Weekly Resource week of 3-23

    Math plans week of 3-23

    ELA and Math Plans plans provided by Ms. Woolaver, Ms. Edwards, and Ms. Reed.  Please touch base with your child's individual teacher for more specific guidance regarding IEP goals or modifications.

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  • GEM Calendar Time for Expanding/Readiness Classrooms

    Posted by Joanna Rowe on 3/23/2020

    Calendar Time is an important part of our morning routine!  

    Here are some of our favorite songs and videos:

    Good Morning by Singing Walrus

    Good Morning Song by Jack Hartman

    • Have child say “Good Morning” when song is done.
    • Ask them what did they do yesterday or what do they want to do today.


    Days of the Week Song by Singing Walrus

    Days of the Week (Adam's Family)

    Months of the Year Song by Singing Walrus

    • After listening to songs- Ask your child:
    • Day of the week
    • Month of the year
    • Date
    • Year
    • For older kids: ask: "Yesterday was ..... Today is ... Tomorrow will be.... Practice writing the date in numerical format on paper.  Ex:  3/22/20 (month, date, year)

    How's the Weather Song

    Weather –Ask the your child to look outside and tell you what is the weather like today-Hot, Cold, Sunny, Cloudy)

    Ask your child their personal information

    • What is your street address?
    • What is your age?
    • What is your birthday?
    • For older children: they should practice writing their full name, address, phone number, birthdate.  Make sure their letters are stay in the lines.  Using wide ruled lined paper works well for this.


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  • GEM Speech and Language Therapy week of 3/23

    Posted by Joanna Rowe on 3/23/2020

    Please see the attached calendar of Speech and Language Activities for the week of 3/23!

    Speech and Language Activities

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