• Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)

    Our goal is to educate children with disabilities in their school alongside their more typically developing peers whenever possible. Therefore, the CSE must first consider whether your child's needs can be met in a general education class. Other settings, such as small special classes or special schools, are considered only if your child would not be able to make meaningful progress in a general education class, even with the help of supports and services.

    The continuum of services that we offer to students with disabilities is described below. In order to meet the unique needs of individual students, the services may be used in combination and may be used for the full day or only for certain subjects. For example, your child may need the support of a special education teacher in a small group for one or two subject areas, but may be able to participate in a general education class for the rest of the day. The special educator can also work with your child's general education teacher to help meet your child's needs in the general education classroom. Schools must also provide students with the opportunity to participate in extracurricular and non-academic activities (e.g., physical education, recess, after-school) with non-disabled students.

    Services and Supports


    General Education with Supplementary Aids and Services
    These are services and other supports that are provided in both general education classes or other settings that are more restrictiveRead More »
    Consultant Teacher Services (CT)/Resource Room Program (RR)
    Specially designed and/or supplemental instruction provided by a special education teacher. 
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    Integrated Co-Teaching
    Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) classrooms include students with and without disabilities and have two teachers, a general education teacher and a special education teacher. Read More »
    Special Class Services
    Special Class Services are services provided for children with disabilities who are grouped together in a classroom on a full or part-time basis. 
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    Home and Hospital Instruction
    These are educational services provided to children with disabilities who are unable to attend school for an extended period of time. Read More »