What is LEAD?

  • Program Goals

    • To declassify students with moderate to severe language delays by third grade
    • Reduce the amount of pull-out speech-language services
    • Pull-out services are ONLY for students with articulation, fluency or voice disorders, in addition to their language disorder
      • Articulation disorders may ONLY be mild to moderately delayed

    LEAD is offered Kindergarten through 2nd grade

    • General education teacher is supported by a speech-language therapist who is full-time in the classroom

    Classrooms follow the General Education Curriculum

    • Intensive language remediation embedded in all content areas
    • IEP goals are language-based academic goals
    • Pragmatic language targeted through social skills curriculum

Program Criteria

  • The following criteria need to be met:

    • Student meets the criteria for the speech-language impaired classification as defined by PART 200 of New York State Commissioner’s Regulation and district criteria
    • Dominant language is English
    • Language delay is the PRIMARY concern adversely affecting academics
    • Expressive language standard score is 80 or below
    • Receptive language standard score is equivalent to or higher than the expressive language standard score
    • Nonverbal standard score on cognitive assessment is 80 or above
    • If adaptive behavior scale has been completed – standard score is 80 or above
    • Social-emotional functioning, as demonstrated by classroom behavior, is age-appropriate
    • Pragmatic language/social skills functioning is age-appropriate OR is viewed as secondary to the language disorder

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Program Success Rates

  • 67% of students no longer require speech/language support upon completion of the program at the end of 2nd grade.

LEAD in Action at School No. 57