• Edison Expectations for Mr. O’Neil’s Classesminied.PNG


    All students will:
    • Be responsible for themselves and their actions/reactions.

    • Follow all directions or requests from any adult in my classroom without an inappropriate response.

    • Follow their daily course schedule and be in my classroom on time.  

    • Avoid inappropriate physical contact with any student and adults/ No fighting of any kind.

    • Use appropriate language on school grounds without swearing, threatening, teasing/mocking, or speaking disrespectfully to or about another student or adult.

    • Participate in learning activities and not be disruptive.

    • Follow the district dress code which includes no headgear, no bare midriffs, no sagging pants, and no alcohol or drugs on clothing.

    • Not participate in illegal activities (gambling/throwing dice, violence, or using drugs or alcohol.)

    Negative consequences will include:

    • Opportunities to redirect your actions/reactions through restorative conversations

    • Each unexcused tardy results in a loss of 0.2 points from your quarterly average with opportunities to restore one full point at a time with a restorative writing assignment.  

    • Each unexcused absence known to be cutting class results in a loss of 1 point from your quarterly average.  One point at a time can be restored with a restorative writing assignment.

    • Parent notifications and other appropriate consequences will be given as necessary for tardiness and/or behavior issues.

    Positive consequences will include:

    • Positive communications to parents.
    • Passing grades.
    • Praise and prizes as agreed upon by the class.


    Updated June 26, 2022