Peanut Free Snack List [We have students with severe nut allergies, please check this list before bringing in any food items. Call the nurse if you are unsure 288-8008 ext. 1200]
    peanut free

    Food allergies are on the rise. According to data included in the CDC’s guidelines, nearly 1 in 5 students (16-18% of children) with food allergies has had a reaction at school. 25% of severe reactions experienced at school are among children having no previous diagnosis of food allergy. Children with food allergies need your support to ensure their safety and inclusion. From classroom parties, to school family nights, to after-school fundraisers, keep in mind that all students in the community should be able to participate safely. As such, we are requesting that parents refrain from bringing food related items for school celebrations. Some alternative suggestions would bringing a book for your child to read to the class, a game to play with the class, gel pens, or “dollar store” prizes such as pencils, stickers, etc. As students with food allergies sit with their classmates in the lunchroom, we also ask that parents be mindful of any lunch items sent in from home. We appreciate your support in this matter. For more suggestions and to find out whether a student in your child’s classroom has any food allergies, please contact your child’s teacher or our school nurse (288-8008 ext. 1200).