• Volunteer Opportunities at School 46
    Having parents, extended family members, and community friends visible in school tells students that the adults in their community value education and want to support them and their school. Every child loves to announce that someone in their family is coming in to help in their classroom, to help with a school event, or to be part of a field trip! Amazing opportunities for our students become possible when caring adults come together and give just a little bit of their time. Teachers who cannot work one on one with a child as much as they'd like to, are so appreciative of the caring, committed volunteers who come in on a consistent basis to help their students. Everyone is busy and juggling lots of responsibilities, but the greatest gift you can give a child is the gift of your time and attention. We encourage all families to participate in school-based activities as much as possible. To find out how you can help;
    • Reach out to your child's teacher
    • Call the main office (288-8008), or just stop in and ask
    School 46 is a busy, fun place and there is always something we could use your help with. Whether you have just a little bit of time, or a lot, your involvement makes such a HUGE positive difference! See you soon.