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    Young Entrepreneurs Academy

    The YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY (YEA!) is a phenomenal opportunity for our students who have a passion for starting their own business.  This dynamic, innovative program transforms our students into real entrepreneurial success stories through a fast-paced, project-based approach.  This program will introduce students to exciting field trips, guest speakers and one-on-one mentors who will help them prepare, launch and run their own real businesses.  

    Our students have a plethera of passionate and creative ideas for their own businesses.  While working hard to develop solid business plans, they will work alongside accountants, lawyers, insurance experts and professional graphic designers.  They will be exposed to new business concepts including sole proprietorships, partnerships, CEOs, marketing strategies and the difference between an idea and a realistically marketable product!   All of their research and preparation will culminate when our young entrepreneurs roll out their business plans and appeal to a panel of REAL investors.  Each group will compete for their "piece of the money pie" neccessary to launch their business. Our goal is to have every individual and group  launch their business by May 2013.  Through the implementation of their ideas, and hard work your children are striving to improve both the economic and social value of our community.  We should be proud!
    Our First Field to a "COOL BUSINESS"

    YEA! Goal & Mission

    YEA! Mission:  Develop and deliver experience-based entrepreneurship programs to young people to:

    • Enable them to transition successfully to adulthood;
    • Help them to pursue their dreams by harnessing their creativity and energy;
    • Help them transform their ideas into tangible enterprises that create economic and social value for a better world;
    • Develop the character of tomorrow’s leaders based on personal principles and values;
    • Enable educational institutions and Chambers of Commerce to provide successful and effective entrepreneurship programs for middle and high school students;
    • Create a culture of innovation in schools and communities across the nation; and
    • Foster the entrepreneurial mindset in young people, educators, and community members.

    YEA! Vision: To be a leader in establishing innovative, experiential entrepreneurship programs for middle and high school students, delivering these programs through colleges and universities, and in high schools and middle schools throughout the country, in close cooperation with local community and business leaders and their organizations. To partner with like minded organizations to effectively deliver entrepreneurship education to young people across our nation.

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