• "Surface Processes" Unit
    In this unit, learners will gain an understanding of how the Earth is always changing through different forces in the environment. Students will learn about weathering & soils, erosion & deposition, running water, glaciers, and mass movement, wind, & waves. 
    In this unit, learners will be graded on numerous parts:
    (1) Note & Work Packet
    (2) "Do Now"/Warm-Up Activities Classwork
    (3) "Set 1 - Relationship of Transported Particle Size to Water Velocity" Homework
    (4) Mass Movements Research Activity
    (5) Castle Learning Questions
    (6) Quiz
    The "Note & Work Packet", "Do Now" Activities, "Homework", and "Quiz" will be provided by Mrs. Robinson in class. 
    The "Unit Presentation," "Mass Movements Research Activity," and "Castle Learning Questions" will be provided under the "Resources" section below or online.
    Work can be completed at your own pace but ALL WORK IS DUE BY FRIDAY, 04/27
    A suggested schedule is outlined below to help you stay on track. Feel free to work "faster" than this schedule, but DO NOT get behind:
    *By Friday, 04/13: Completed "Note & Work Packet" pages 1-7
    *By Tuesday, 04/17: Completed "Note & Work Packet" pages 8-11 AND "Set 1" Homework
    *By Thursday, 04/19: Completed "Note & Work Packet" pages 12-14
    *By Monday, 04/23: Completed "Note & Work Packet" pages 15-19 
    *By Wednesday, 04/25: Completed "Mass Movements Research Activity" AND "Note & Work Packet" pages 20-21
    *By Friday, 04/27: Completed "Castle Learning Questions" AND "Quiz" 
    * Use the "Surfaces Processes" Unit Presentation to complete your notes in your "note & work packet": Unit Presentation - PDF Version or Unit Presentation - PPT Version
    * Use the attached "Mass Movements Research Activity" file to complete the research activity. Answers can be typed directly in the document and e-mailed back to me (emily.robinson@rcsdk12.org) OR completed on the paper version of the activity (see me for the paper version): Mass Movements Research Activity   
    * Use the link to access Castle Learning. Complete the assigned "Unit 7: Surface Processes" Practice Questions.