Course Philosophy:

    ESOL is an important component for English Language Learners.  It provides support that focuses on the needs of the individual in order to develop language proficiency.  ESOL provides a safe learning environment that allows ELLs to take risks using English and be willing to express themselves.  The focus on language development builds from the mission of Edison which is to provide students with rigorous academic work and hands on training for the work force.  The success of this hinges on the importance of reading and writing.


    • To provide comprehensible instruction for students in ESOL class and content classrooms.

    • To develop language proficiency through all four modalities of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

    • To provide a safe learning environment which decrease affective factors that create a negative influence on learning.


    This course will utilize various reading materials ranging from news articles to short stories and plays.  This is to give students experiences with various forms of writing but still focus on the fundamentals of literacy.


    30% Participation

    30% Classwork

    30% Quizzes/Tests

    10% Notes/Organization

    Participation- grading will be done on a four point scale.  Students will self-assess and explain why they should receive that participation grade for the day and the teacher will review the score.  Students who are late will be automatically lose a point.

    Classwork- Activities completed in class will be turned in and graded.  Students will have an opportunity to hand in late work and are responsible for maintaining what they missed in previous classes.

    Quizzes/Tests- quizzes and tests will come in different forms of assessments such as writing tests, multiple choice, matching and even hands on projects.

    Notes/Organization- Organization is key to success in college and careers.  This is skill that needs to be practiced and students will maintain a binder with class materials organized within.  There will be a model binder for students to compare their binder to and note what they are missing.

    Code of Conduct:

    Attendance- This class follows the RCSD attendance policies.  A written excuse or readmit slip is due upon return to school.  You will have ten days to make up work assigned during your absence.

    Respect- disrespect of students and staff will not be tolerated as it directly goes against the goals of this class and Edison conduct policies.  Student behavior will be discussed with the student and deduction in points or detentions.  Continuing behavior will result in calls home.