• USB Connection

    Board is not responding to touch

    Make sure the USB cord is plugged into both the board and the computer.  You may want to try a different USB port in your computer as it is possible that the USB port is bad. 

    USB to computer

    Is the light on the side of the board:



    USB is not plugged in:
    • Check both ends to make sure it is plugged in
    • If you have an input button, try selecting VGA2.  If you don't have an image and light at same time, call the HelpDesk.






    Has power but not connected to a computer:

    • unplug USB and try again
    • If there are SMART speakers set up, check if the power cord or USB cord got pulled out from the bottom of speaker.
    • Restart the computer
    • If there is a USB extender, try connecting primary USB cord directly to the computer (eliminate extender).
    • If you have another USB cord, try switching out the cords.

    If none of the above, call HelpDesk




    If Notebook is installed, call HelpDesk to have them re-install the SMART Notebook Software.
    Is SMART Notebook on the computer, if not call HelpDesk and have them install it.





    SHOULD be good to go! 



    If not, it may be the particular pen or eraser you are trying to use that isn't working, see pen tray. 





    Phone Number: 262-8151
    email: HelpDesk@rcsdk12.org
    Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 7:30AM - 4:30PM
    Have the following ready when you call:

    ·      Your full name, with spelling

    ·      Contact Info (phoneor email)

    ·      Location (school and location code/administrative building,floor, suite, and cubical number)

    ·      For computer related problems, your computer name

    ·      Basic overview of the issue