• SMART Sound

    1) Sound is not coming out of SMART speakers

    Speaker Connection
    • Make sure power cord is plugged into both the outlet and the back of the speaker.  Also make sure that the power brick in the middle of the of the power cord is securely connected.

                                                       power brick

    • If your speakers are connected with USB:

                     Make sure USB cords are securely connected to both ports in the speaker and into the computer

                     Change the settings on the computer to play audio on USB device


    • If your speakers are connected with a audio cord (that is connected to the VGA cable):

                     Make sure the audio piece is plugged in securely on both ends

                                                          vga audio


    • If your speakers are connected through an HDMI:

                     Make sure the HDMI is securely connected on both ends




     2) Sound is not coming out of computer,only SMART speakers

    •  Unplug USB from SMART board/speakers


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