• Projector

    UF 45
    uf 55
    UF 55
    UF 65

    Bulb maintenance:  Extending the life of the projector's bulb

    When not using the board for 20-30 minutes, turn off the projector.
    • hit the power button 2 times.
    Do NOT turn off the projector by unplugging the cord.

    Change the lamp mode settings in the projector to Economy.
    • Press Menu on the projector's remote control.
    • Select Lamp Mode to adjust the brightness of the image.
    • Select Economy for the most bulb hours

    The projector is not turning on.

    Is the projector plugged in?

    • If the projector has power, the power light is either red or green.

    new bulb

    The power light is orange and there is a red light on the wrench light.
    • The bulb has blown, you need a new bulb- Notify your principal.
      (Schools are responsible for the purchasing of replacement bulbs)

    The image is barely visible.
    There is a large area of image that is browned out.
    • The bulb is about to blow, call the helpdesk and notify your principal.


    Phone Number: 262-8151
    email: HelpDesk@rcsdk12.org
    Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 7:30AM - 4:30PM
    Have the following ready when you call:

    ·       Your full name, with spelling

    ·       Contact Info (phone or email)

    ·       Location (school and location code/administrative building,floor, suite, and cubical number)

    ·       For computer related problems, your computer name

    ·       Basic overview of the issue