• Economics                             


                                                                              Everfi Economic Marking Period Project 

    Everfi economic independence is an interactive program that helps students understand the dynamics of banking, credit, loans, investments, and savings.  The program has 9 interactive modules that are completed online.  Each module is finished when a score of at least 70% is achieved.  The modules can be repeated as many times as necessary to achieve a passing grade.

    Directions for setting up your account:

    1)      Got to www.everfi.com/login

    2)      Click Sign Up (top right corner)

    3)      Enter your class code:  Period 2          63b99c51

                                                         Period 4          92924303

                                                         Period 5          960a1b99

    4)      Create your student account using a SIMPLE user name and password.


    5)      Record your User name _______________________PW__________________


    6)      Sadly, computers will be disabled if students are not working on their modules in the computer lab L


                                                                                           Third Marking Period Progress

    Students will complete 5 modules for their 3rd MP project.  Students can complete these modules during class lab time and on any other computer or phone connected to the internet.

    Grading is very simple, for every module completed, students receive 25 pts.  After students have completed the first 5 modules this MP they will achieve a score of 125 for their 3rd MP project.


    Progress Tracking Sheet:

    Computer lab                           Module completion                                    Project Score

         2/5/15                                   ________________                                      ___________


        2/11/15                                  ________________                                       ___________


         2/26/15                                  ________________                                        __________


         3/4/15                                    _______________                                         __________


         3/11/15                                   _______________                                        __________


         3/18/15                                    ______________                                         __________


         3/27/15                                    _______________                                       __________


         4/8/15                                      _______________                                       __________

         4/15/15                                    _______________                                        __________ 

                                                        Project score total:  ________________

    The 3rd MP project, five module completion date is April 16th or 17th 2015!!