• Manufacturing Technology - Precision Machining
    Anthony McCollough
     Hello I'm Anthony McCollough your child's Manufacturing Technology- Precision Machining Teacher
    I'm a graduate of the "Old School" Edison, this is where it all started for me and my hope is....... where it starts for your child too!
    I've been in and around manufacturing for 38 years in many different capacities as listed below.


    Tool & Die Maker

    Gage Maker

    Prototype/Model Shop Supervisor

    Skilled Trades Trainer

    Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator

    UAW/Delphi/GM Apprenticeship Chairman/Coordinator (NYS registered Apprenticeship)

    Adjunct Instructor at MCC

    Adult Ed instructor BOCES 2

    Project Manager

    Applications Engineer

    Software Sales

    Manufacturing Consultant


    And now as your child's teacher

    I've had lots of different opportunities in this profession and it's from these experiences that I'll bring instruction to the classroom
    My personal experiences are a testament of just a few of the opportunities (and there are many more!)  that are available to your son or daughter if they elect to follow through with education/training in the machining/ manufacturing profession.
    If you have any question or concerns about our class or your child feel free to contact me.
    Phone: 585-324-9770 EXT-1415