• Extra Credit Opportunities
    A. Country Project The sheet identifies Latin American nation-states, for extra credit you can complete the project for Puerto Rico, or any African or Asian nation-state.

    B. Community Supplies- bring in a full box of tissue, hand sanitizer, lotion, pens, pencils, etc.

    C. Role of religion and science in society. The Protestant Reformation and the Scientific Revolution in the 16th century changed the way the western world viewed religion and science. This topic is still a controversial issue throughout the world today. Find three examples of this from three different regions of the world and explain the controversy, how the society is dealing with it, and your opinion of the issue.

    D. Vocabulary Extra Credit
    1.Copy the sentence the vocabulary word is used in from the chapter include the page#.(1 point each)
    2. Find the vocabulary words in articles or other reading, cite the sentence & thesource. (2 points each)
    3.Use the vocabulary words correctly in a sentence. (3 points each)
    E. Current Events-Read the article & complete the Current Events Template or Questions*
    *not all articles have questions