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    Tenured Teachers:  need 36 hours
    Non tenured Teachers:  need 24 hours
    First year teachers:  not eligible
    Professional Development that isn't on AVATAR needs to be submitted to SBPT for approval before the PD begins.  You can email me the form and I will bring it to the next SBPT meeting and let you know if it was approved and for how many hours.  Once your PD is completed, enter the PD onto AVATAR and submit your certificate of completion to me so that I can approve the PD on AVATAR.  The PD will not show on your transcript until all of these things happen.
    Once you are done with your hours, your transcript need to be submitted to me.  You can hand me a copy or email it to me.  Please make sure you keep a copy for yourself!  Administration is asking that all transcripts be submitted by May 30, 2014 to make sure the stipend paperwork is submitted to payroll before the last paycheck.
    Some useful links to help you manage your PD: