• Hi, and welcome to my awesome webpage.
    Here are some awesome facts about Mr. Tobin
    Age - 30 - Born in: Alexandria Virginia.  Has lived in: Virginia, Washington DC, District Heights MD, Elmira and Rochester NY. 
    I am currently teaching AP US History, Participation in Government, Eng. III and Alg II
    I have taught: AP US, Regents US,  PIG, ECON, Global I and II, Eng I, III, IV, Algebra, Geometry, Alg II, Intro to IT, Resource. 


    SUNY Brockport - Masters in History    Concentration on American Foreign Policy 

    St. John Fisher - History and Adol. Special Education
    Southside High School - NYS Regents
    Foods - Pizza, TexMex, Plates and Chicken Wings
    Beverages - Mountain Dew and Coffee
    Football Team - Washington Redskins
    Baseball Team - Baltimore Orioles
    Soccer -  US Mens/Womens
    Indoor Soccer - Rochester Lancers! 
    Cool Mr. Tobin fact: I have been to the southernmost point in the Continental US