• Aloha Earth Science Students & Families!!


    Welcome to the 202-21 school year and Regents Earth Science.  I look forward to getting to know you through our virtual classroom with the hope of being face-to-face in the near future. Earth Science is a challenging course with diverse topics, but it’s one that I truly love and enjoy.  I hope that at least a little bit of my enthusiasm rubs off on you. My main goal for this year is to make sure that you have the skills needed to be successful in class, on the Regents Exam, and for life beyond school.  I want you to wonder about the outside world, seek answers for yourself, and be willing to share your adventures with others. We’re going to be making mistakes and figuring out a lot together.  I will do my best to be patient with you, and I ask for you to be patient with me.


    To start us on our Earth Science journey, you'll need a copy of the Earth Science Reference Tables. This is the ultimate cheat sheet!  It contains information that you don’t need to memorize, but you will want to use it as much as possible. 

    This is going to be quite the adventure together!  To paraphrase the words of one of my favorite poets, Maya Angelou, we will “do the best we can, and when we  know better we’ll do better”.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions related to class or school.