School Visitation Policy

    While the entire staff at the Rochester Early College International High School greatly encourages parent participation and visitation in all aspects of school life, it is recognized that the work being carried on and accomplished by teachers and students in classrooms must be largely uninterrupted.  Therefore, the following are established as procedures that are designed to minimize unscheduled classroom interruptions.

    1.      All doors will be locked and admittance will be provided by school security.


    2.      Visitors to the building are directed to our Main Office when entering.


    3.      Visitors are asked if they have an appointment or if one can be made to see a teacher.

        Visits to the classroom shall not exceed 30 minutes.


    4.      A teacher is contacted by phone if the situation appears to be important or of an emergency nature.


    5.      Office staff assists visitors with anything that can be done without seeing a teacher.


    6.      A teacher may request that a particular visitor be shown to the classroom.



    Phone Calls

    1.      Messages are taken or calls are put through to the teacher’s voice mail by the office staff whenever possible.


    2.      Calls are put through to classrooms if a teacher requests it or the situation appears to be important or of an emergency nature.


    Parents are informed of these guidelines through the Parent Handbook.