• Welcome to Rochester Early College International High School
    My name is Duane Hanselman and I have been teaching in the RCSD for the past 19 years and the last 6 have been at Early College.  I am dedicated to sharing my joy of science and passion for teaching with scholars fostering them to grow into wonderful citizens. 
    I teach during the following blocks Monday - Friday.
    - 1st Block Regents Earth Science 7:30 am - 8:46 am; Lab 2A (A, C) days. 8:49 am - 9:26 am
    - 3rd Bock Regents Earth Science 10:08 am - 11:22 am ; Lab 2B (B, D) days 9:28 am - 10:05 am
    I can be reached via email at 2004850@rcsd121.org
    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.   
    Mr. Hanselman (Regents Earth Science Instructor)
     Earth Science Course Description and Content
    Earth Science Pacing Chart