• Welcome to the School 57 Green School Club page! 

    This club is offered to 2nd grade students each year.  We meet bi-monthly to learn about energy conservation, recycling, reducing and reusing.

    This year, we had students from the Biology Club @ MCC joining us.  They helped us with a variety of science experiments.  On April 4th, they even brought agar trays.  We "swabbed" a variety of surfaces around our school. 

    Being a "Green School", we get 50% of the money back that we save in energy.  In the past two years, school #57 has received nearly $1,000!  That means we have saved over $2,000 by turning of lights, computer monitors, and PA systems.  This school year, 2010-2011 we saved over $2,000 in electrical energy.  That means we get $1,000 back to our school!

    April 11th, we observed the growth!  Fungus!  Bacteria!  Germs!  Fun!

    June 6th, we traveled to the Monroe County Recycling Center.  We learned that all plastics with numbers 1-7 on the bottom can be recycled.  We also learned that the cereal bags inside boxes can be recycled at grocery stores, where they collect plastic bags.  We learned that drinking bottled water is really bad for our environment.  It takes a full bottle of petroleum to make, fill, and transport 3 water bottles.  We're encouraging everybody to use re-usable water bottles now!

    On June 13th, Green Club hosted the first annual "Science Day."  Green Team members went to each classroom and presented on :
    Using environmentally safe cleaners (we cleaned pennies with vinegar and salt)
    Reusing materials by creating art projects
    Sharing our learning about recycling, and our trip to the recycling center.
    Below are some pictures from the day.  We also had several kits available for classroom teachers to use throughout the day.  One activity was cardboard box building.  You'll see a couple of those pictures in here too...