• Our Visit to the Genesee Country Village!

    Seneca Park Zoo!

    Making Bread with our volunteers!  
    The bread didn't quite rise... our theory is that our water was too hot when we prepared the yeast.  
    Nonetheless, it was delicious! 

    United Way Day of Caring
    We had 6 volunteers come to our room!  Our PTA organized a wonderful morning with them.  A great time was had by all!  

     School Bus Safety Lesson with "Safety" ~ the talking school bus!
    We visited the Genesee Country Museum.  
    We learned first hand about how maple syrup is made.  
    Complete with a pancake lunch! 
    Mr. Perry Ground from the Native American Resource Center.  
    He came to show us artifacts from the tribes we studied:
    The Lakota
    The Wampanoag
    The Lenni Lenape
     Valentine's Day
    100th Day of School!

    A day in the life...
    November and December! 
    A day in the life...
    September and October!