Field Day! 
    The weather was fantastic. 
    There were so many parent volunteers. 
    This was truly an amazing day.
    Thank you to each of you who made it possible!

    Flower City Kids at Charlotte Beach.
    Amazing parent helpers.
    Beautiful weather.
    Great fun.

    Seneca Park Zoo!
    Our day began with rain, but warmed up
    to a glorious day of smiles and memories.

    We celebrated the birthday of Dr. Seuss
    and the block center has become a very popular!

    Valentines Day! 
    Here the children gave their hearts to their secret buddy.  They did such a great job keeping the secret for over a week!

    The 100th Day of School! 
    Mrs. O'Neil joined us for counting out 100 fruit loops!

    Mrs. Killigrew joined us for a day of baking! 
    We made gingerbread cookies and decorated them!

    We visited Chase Farm Market and dug potatoes!  It was a glorious autumn day!

    PTO sponsored a Roller Skating Party! 
    As you can see, most of the time was spent on the ground! 
    The children learn a valuable lesson of
    getting back up to try, try again!

    Our first field trip was  to Springdale Farm. 
    A beautiful day, and an amazing time had by all
    Life around the classroom...