• Design Principles

    Self - Discovery
    I am here to discover what I can do.


    Empathy and Caring
    I care for others and others care for me.


    Natural World
    Nature is our teacher.


    Solitude and Reflection
    I need time to be with myself.


    Diversity and Inclusion
    Our differences make us stronger


    Collaboration and Competition
    We work together as friends; I compete with myself.


    The Having of Wonderful Ideas
    I have wonderful ideas.


    Service and Compassion
    We do excellent things for each other.


    Success and Failure
    Success is sweet but failure is good food.


    Responsibility for Learning
    I am responsible for my learning, and I help others learn.



    Griffin Values

    I can have the strength to withstand challenges and setbacks to persevere toward important goals.


    I can demonstrate honesty and fairness by doing the right thing, because it's the right thing to do.


    I can demonstrate empathy and offer to help if needed.


    I can be responsible for my own actions, attitude, and academics.


    I can exhibit my natural curiosity by using critical thinking and asking questions to discover new information.