• How to Perform a Daily Listening Check On A Hearing Aid


    1. Test the battery using a battery tester or insert a new battery. When using a battery tester, make sure the battery remains in the “good” range for several seconds.  Make sure it is the recommended size and inserted correctly.Hearing Aid Battery Placement
    2. Clean off the hearing aid earmold with an alcohol swab if necessary. Inspect the earmold for any tears or cracks.
    3. Turn the hearing aid on by closing the battery door securely.
    4. Put on the listening stethoscope and attach the end to the earmold.
    5. Perform the “Ling Six Sound Test” (see link below). Speak the following sounds into the hearing aid:

    /a/ = ah = as in “hot”

    /i/ = ee = as in “tree”

    /u/ = oo = as in “moon”

    /s/ = s = as in “see”

    /sh/ = sh = as in “she”

    /m/ = m = as in “man”

    These sounds range from low to high frequency and test the response of the hearing aid to a variety of pitches.  All sounds should be clear and of equal loudness.  There should be no static or distortion.

    The Ling Six Sound Test  

    If you have any questions or concerns that the hearing aid is not functioning properly, please contact your audiologist.

    How to Clean a Hearing Aid and Earmold