• Visual Schedules

    Visual schedules use a series of pictures to communicate a series of activities or the steps of a specific activity. They are often used to help children understand and manage the daily events in their lives. They can be created using pictures, photographs, or written words, depending upon the ability of the child.

    Visual tools for students with Autism -The purpose of this site is to introduce strategies and information to help individuals with ASD reach their potential.  An easy to remember acronym, VICTORIES, has been created to assist  with understanding relevant factors which have scientific evidence of being instrumental in increasing skills, appropriate behaviors, generalization of skills and decreasing challenging behaviors for many individuals with an ASD.  

    Sensory Balanced Daily Schedules - Guide for building sensory rich schedules for children (Color Coded)

    Calming Routine -Ideally, individuals with autism have some coping and calming strategies in their repertoire of skills to access with support during their most anxious times.

    33 Visual Picture Schedules for Home/Daily Routines. These free printable visual schedules for home and daily routines might help make things easier


    Visual Schedule Visual Schedule

    Visual Schedule

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