•  Classroom Supply List

    • 2 Single Subject Notebooks  (one for notes, one for journal)
    • One pack of pencils, one pack of pens  (These will be used throughout the year for students when they don't bring their own.  Trust me, it happens.
    • One set of earbuds (these will be stored in a labeled baggy locked in my desk)  These will remain in our ELA class throughout the year, used with our Chromebooks.
    • One container of hand sanitizer.
    • One box of tissues.
    • One package of loose-leaf paper.


    I will keep student work in my own hanging-file folder system, so folders are NOT necessary for my class.
    Usually by February, supplies have dwindled, and/or students' notebooks may need to be replaced.  A note will be sent home when this becomes necessary.